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  • Title: The Nazi Conscience
  • Author: Claudia Koonz
  • ISBN: 9780674011724
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Nazi Conscience By Claudia Koonz The Nazi conscience is not an oxymoron In fact, the perpetrators of genocide had a powerful sense of right and wrong, based on civic values that exalted the moral righteousness of the ethnic community and denounced outsiders.
    Claudia Koonz
    Claudia Koonz Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Nazi Conscience book, this is one of the most wanted Claudia Koonz author readers around the world.

    The Nazi Conscience By Claudia Koonz


    Yes, that s right the Nazi conscience Koontz s thesis is that the holocaust can only be understood by taking into account the constant campaign of indoctrination that by stressing the necessity of racial purity endeavored to persuade every good German that not everything that wears a human face is human In terms of legal statutes enacted or the tone of much popular culture, pre Hitler Germany was no antisemitic than many other European countries Great Britain not excepted , and, even at the hei [...]

    Lewis Weinstein
    Claudia Koonz sets out to answer the question of why Germans were so willing to participate or at least stand aside for the murder of millions of innocent citizens She puts forward the proposition that Christian Germans were prepared by the Nazis through a carefully executed program that included relentless denigration of Jews as subhuman enemies of the German Volk, coordinated with powerful enforcement against any who strayed from the Nazi line Altogether she makes a sickeningly convincing case [...]

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    In the years immediately following the Second World War, it was common for historians to describe Nazism as nihilism, barbarism, or as an utterly amoral phenomenon As time passed and wounds healed, scholars began examining seriously the ideology of fascists and National Socialists and began to discover positive beliefs among the statements of opposition and anti positions In 2003, Claudia Koonz went to the logical extreme of this trend and asserted that the Nazis acted primarily from motivation [...]

    So many of us wonder, How could the German nation, the people of Goethe, Kant, and Beethoven, have turned so evilly antisemitic How could they have built the death factories like Auschwitz and killed millions of innocent people Many past analysts of Nazi Germany simply shrug it off with the old retorts that the fanatical military was just following orders and the common folk just didn t really know the extent of the horrible deeds being done in their name or at least variations on those themes C [...]

    I ve docked this otherwise impressive book one star for its misleading title Anyone expecting an exploration of Nazi idealism or morality per se won t find it here Instead, Koonz is almost exclusively interested in how the Nazis artfully manufactured a mass consensus for their racial policies through manipulation of elite and popular opinion Initially, Nazi racial thuggery tended to alienate rather than persuade, so Hitler largely suppressed public discussion of his agenda for long periods, whil [...]

    Sounds like such an oxymoron, doesn t it Yet another one of my garage sales discoveries, the Nazi Conscience is really an in depth study of Nazi propaganda and exactly how it was spread through first Germany and then the rest of the countries It was almost impressive how well every aspect of culture was slowly taken over by the Nazi propaganda There are several excellent interviews, and even people who hated Nazis, who were Jewish, were impressed by some of the rallies One of Hitler s mastermind [...]

    A really interesting book Well researched and well written This book examines the collective consciousness that formed in the regular Germans that stood behind the Nazis Basically what happened to make a whole country change their ideology to allow the Nazis and WW2 and all those atrocities to happen.

    This was a very interesting book The author had the guts to go beyond the they just hate them and want war that you so often get with Nazis in popular culture Neither did she shy away from drawing connections with other movements outside of Germany, which is not surprising as you had many Nazis outright saying whom and what they considered and inspiration.The book starts promising by stating that The road to Auschwitz was paved with rightneousness The author had the guts to say that our conscien [...]

    Anne Hawn Smith
    This book had interesting information about how the Hitler used propaganda to prepare the Germans for the extermination of the Jews I didn t realize how carefully the treatment of the Jews was orchestrated and how long it took before most of the population saw them as enemies of the state and how the Jews contaminated the German people with inferior genes I also didn t realize how the Christian church was also seen as the enemy German society was almost completely secular Hitler used the schools [...]

    This book gives you a lot to think about by challenging the traditionalist history of the Nazis and introducing a new assessment of the collective psychology of the nation with interesting evidence.

    I stopped reading this polemic after she began to imply all Germans were complicit, by stating that Everyone KNEW that the Gestapo was UNDERSTAFFED Which begs the question, how many Gestapo does it take to terrify an entire populace into submission 2 3 She is just like Daniel Goldhagen.

    H. P. Reed
    This is an intriguing theory of how civilised German people could be persuaded to murder their neighbors, shopkeepers, educators, entertainers and friends It starts with a review of the historical mindset of many not all Germans and Austrians after the first World War The sense that the German people were being unfairly treated by the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, that the humiliations they suffered at the hands of their enemies were the making of someone other than themselves made the rise [...]

    The holocaust when considered seems to invariably lead one to question how such terrible things could have been done to the Jews in Germany and Europe Many people who have studied the age or perhaps lived through the persecution have endeavored to provide some answers And yet, invariably every answer seems to come up short Like there must be something , some additional explanation that we could learn that could let us wrap our minds around what happened and finally grasp how and why millions of [...]

    Audie Alger
    Breathtaking to be brief Please, I implore you, note this book and its author as essential for truly understanding the Third Reich and its impact on today s societies.

    This was a stellar book This book deals a lot with the ethical norms that developed in Nazi Germany, and the culture of Nazi Germany in general It talks a lot about how they legitimized themselves by asserting a new ethical framework, and artfully shifted the consensus towards that framework.My favorite part in the book is when it is describing the arrest of a Jewish man described by his German friend neighbor The German didn t think How terrible it is that the Nazis are taking him away He inste [...]

    This book talks about how the conscience of Germans shifted to adopt to Nazi ideology.It has many instances of people noting Hitler wasn t as bad as they feared he would be how he s backed away from his extreme views, how he is showing signs of normalcy The work focuses on the many institutions that shifted in order to mentally and morally accommodate the new regime shifts in the press, the churches, and in the sciences.Is it applicable to our modern era Obviously I picked this up in the afterm [...]

    A little bit like Kershaw, she suggests that the drive toward the final solution rested on a broad consensus For Koonz, this was the Nazi version of morality Nazi ideology was heavily based on anti semitism in the early 1920 s, but toned it way down, focusing on Bolshevism instead, as the mass of the German population found active anti semitism unseemly The trick the Nazi s used, Koonz calls, ethnic fundamentalism , they spent a decade building up the positive idea of the Volk, to sort of prep t [...]

    The most comprehensive, compelling and frightening analysis of how IT happened The scariest book I have read in a long time A must read for right now.

    An important book to help understand the methods of turning a populace against a particular race of people who they were formerly friends with The author carefully documents how the evil of the Nazi Regime carefully veiled itself as virtue of the highest order Although this may not be an easy read, it is a valuable book to be read in order to be aware of the effect carefully organized propaganda can have on people.

    Claudia Koonz s The Nazi Conscience is a fascinating account of how, during the 1930s, the Nazis reversed the millennia long human effort to expand the circle of moral regard and sold to the educated middle classes of Germany an ethical system based on the idea that only a single, narrowly defined ethnic group was worthy of moral consideration Any reader curious about how Germans in the pre war period explained their nation to themselves should read this book.

    un informe detallado del discurso tico nazi que proporcion la inspiraci n fundamental de sus cr menes.Sobre la violencia P g.64

    Byron Kimball
    You want to understand the rise of Donald Trump and the mentality of his followers Read this, now A disturbing look into the mind of the Nazis.

    Amanda McDaniel
    One of my favorite books this semester A unique argument about a whole new moral code set up within the ideology of the NDSAP Anyone interested in Nazi Germany should read this.

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