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  • Title: The Last of the Plainsmen
  • Author: Zane Grey
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  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Last of the Plainsmen By Zane Grey Buffalo Jones goes on his final mission in this rousing, classic western
    Zane Grey
    Pearl Zane Grey was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that presented an idealized image of the rugged Old West As of June 2007, the Internet Movie Database credits Grey with 110 films, one TV episode, and a series, Dick Powell s Zane Grey Theater based loosely on his novels and short stories.

    The Last of the Plainsmen By Zane Grey


    Simon Davenport
    I had to temper my rating for the reader who picks this off the shelf not knowing anything about Zane Grey or the kinds of novels he wrote all Western themed, and all written at the turn of the 20th Century, so you can guess the subject matter and perspective.This book, however, deals in real events, or at least events that the author has claimed to have lived through There is a depth of feeling and honesty in Grey s own recollections of his trips through the Grand Canyon that do not fit into th [...]

    I have to admit that even though Zane Grey is such a famous author, his writing doesn t seem that great to me It is very simple, lacks a bit of depth, it is repetitive sometimes and he could ve bothered with some descriptions That being said, I can fully understand why his books fascinate so many people It is quite clear that his love for the Wild West is genuine and it can draw in similar minded people Even though the era is long gone Or maybe because of it Still, this doesn t mean I enjoy his [...]

    i always wanted to read A Zane Gray book because Colonel Potter on the TV show M A S H was always reading his books he would get called away to an important matter and would say, i guess Zane Gray will have to wait then put his book down and go Zane Gray is one of those classic authors you hear about yet I had no idea what book to start with this was the only audio book of his at the Orem library so I just took it and listened to it i really enjoyed it and he deserves the Classic title he is suc [...]

    Great book by a great writer, always exciting.I have never read a book by Zane Grey that was not exciting Every story he writes makes you feel like your there and experiencing the actual events that are taking place Big fan.

    Kraig Kinnamon
    Meh It kept me engaged but not anywhere close to a favorite.

    Rocio Lopez
    Boring, just like I knew a Western would be.

    Perry Whitford
    The writer Zane Grey did as much as anyone to create a mythology around the Old West, with his cowboy stories featuring hardy, laconic men of impeachable courage and honor, the very image of a thousand such Hollywood cowpunchers and sharp shooters.Out on the trail though, he also hunted out some of the bona fide articles themselves, including the most celebrated of all the plainsmen, Buffalo Jones, the great hunter turned conservationist This book is a novelized account of that meeting.Buffalo J [...]

    Charles H Berlemann Jr
    Zane Grey is an interesting character since he grew up out east and actually is a grad of U of Pennsylvania However, he was a prolific writer of stories of the west Between his novels and John Ford with movies The myth of the American West was established This novel is a roughly sandpaper version of an adventure that Grey took with one Charles Buffalo Jones enpedia wiki Charles in the desert region of Arizona and trying to help Jones capture some Buffalo Bison that were still living there so the [...]

    So wannabe author Zane Grey, a middle class eastern dentist of around age 35, went west to find out about it and to pursue his passion of writing He manages to lasso an old plainsman, Colonel Buffalo Jones who remembers the days of the great buffalo slaughters Jones has, apparently, strange sensibilities for his own time, certainly, but maybe for any time He s had enough of killing and he likes to take animals out of the wild and raise them as pets He has a ranch in Arizona, relatively close to [...]

    I picked this up at the library to read while hiking the Grand Canyon, but the book hardcover was too heavy to bring in my pack However, I read the first few chapters and a short biography of the author, and now have misgivings about ever finishing restarting the book.First, the writing style is distracting it sounds spaghetti western ish, replete with Native Americans talking cartoon Indian talk you know it How, Pale Face Me huntum big buffalo Maybe this is because Zane Grey s style has been im [...]

    This is my first Zane Grey book and I found it enjoyable I had read a short story of his in Outdoor Life magazine, I think, when I was a youngster and I ve searched for it fruitlessly over the last 40 odd years I was anticipating a Zane Grey Western novel when I pulled this out of my wife s bookshelf last week Instead I found a travel book describing a magnificient trip and hunt into and around the Grand Canyou, mostly on the Utah side, in which he accompanies one Colonel Buffalo Jones books.goo [...]

    Mandi Ellsworth
    I listened to this an an audio book and it started out great I loved the descriptions of the landscape I could almost see it I loved the idea of traveling around with someone so influential in saving the disappearing buffalo from the great plains Then they met the Native Americans and I had a very difficult time going through that They were so derogatory and supremacist They talked of them as dogs and treated them worse than It was horrible I know it was the attitude of that time, but how could [...]

    The Last of the Plainsmen is a traditional Zane Grey adventure romance novel He is able to seamlessly weave thrilling adventure with just enough romance to make it interresting on another level This story takes place in the canyons of Arizona and centers on a long lived feud between two men that have been batteling since early childhood Their feud now culminates in a debate over sheep and cattle raisig in the Grass Valley area of Arizona Gaston Isbel has called his youngest son Jean back from Or [...]

    Matthew Hurley
    These stories are so cool The author, Zane Grey, meets Buffalo Jones in 1907 for an expedition to capture cougars alive, and records several of his stories.Buffalo Jones was named a preserver of the American Bison He lassoed many species of game, once capturing 8 buffalo calves in one day, catching the last couple barehanded, while fending off wolves He trekked to northern Canada to capture muskoxen, fighting off angry Indians and literally rabid polar wolves At the end of their journey, vindict [...]

    This was an unexpectedly enjoyable book for me since I haven t ever read Westerns Grey s descriptions were relaxing and engaging Some parts of the book lagged, but other sections swept me up in the chase I enjoyed it so much that I ended up doing a little reading online about Buffalo Jones and Zane Grey The only negative for me was that both men did reflect the racism of the day against Native Americans, which saddened me one tribe was desperately poor and Jones describes them as dirty and path [...]

    This book was not what I expected This is a narative events Mr Grey was told and experienced in Northern Arizona while hunting mountian lions I almost quit on this book, but decided to persist I actually became somewhat enjoyable I would give this book 2 and a half stars if I could, but it is not a three star work for me Maybe I am be too strick, but to get 5 stars I have to love a book and therefore very few meet that criteria In all just runs down hill from there That is why I would love to ha [...]

    I think it was Zane Grey and Louis LaMour that my grandparents read so I wanted to give it a shot.This included beautifully written descriptions of the area North of the Grand Canyon, probably some of the most beautiful scene imagery in modern day literature I ve read Well, the last century s anyway I will be going to look for some ZG for my Kindle right away.

    This book was not what I expected I read many of Zane Grey s books when I was in high school This one was of a historical account than a novel The descriptions of the scenery and the adventures were beautiful and I felt like I was right there with him Some of the accounts of the camaraderie of the plainsmen were so funny that I laughed right along with them.

    The description in this book is absolutely incredible I heard Zane Grey s real purpose in writing was to describe the country, and he sure did a good job in this story, as well as create good solid characters and adventures Good reading, this one.

    Not the most enjoyable Zane Grey novel that I ve read He is often melodramatic about normal daily activities If you have never read him before do not start with this one Riders of the Purple Sage would be a better book to introduce yourself to his books.

    Non Fiction narrative on Grey s days with Buffalo Jones trapping cougar and other things on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon Good description of the country Interesting facts It took them 10 days to go from Flagstaff to north rim hunting country.

    Sandy (WI girl at heart)
    Not the normal Zane Grey book It was like reading a pictorial story His descriptions of the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas were breath taking This book was based on an real person and Zane Grey over months of hunting together, with others, in the 4 corner area of the country.

    Jadelynn Wikkid
    In my continuing survey of fiction of the Old West, this one was a drag Glad it was short A hunting expedition to save wild buffalo turns into a cougar hunt A large helping of Native American racism on the side.

    John L Shasteen
    Great adventure storyI liked the balance between descriptions of the scenery and the characters I felt I knew them by the end I would recommend this book to anyone who loves the out of doors.

    Great story about a larger than life man Loved reading about this adventure and the area around the north rim of the Grand Canyon A real fun read with lots of insights into a lost generation of men used to a very hard life.

    While I didn t finish, this was a great little book to bring along for a my camping trip in Joshua Tree One line in particular captured perfectly the desert night A stillness that seemed too sacred to break clasped the place it was infinite it held the bygone ages, and eternity.

    Patricia L. Travis
    Thought s on the last talismanthis is a riveting,well researched read.highly recommend it Zane GREY IS ABSOLUTELY one of the best western writers of all time.Donald R Travis

    Fred Vinson
    Is it fact or fiction It s hard to tell since it is Zane Grey writing in the first person Some of the exploits are hard to believe I did enjoy th book though

    Richard Myers
    GreatA wonderful book This is the first Zane Grey book I have read and I will definitely read of his books

    Sylvia Myers
    Good visual descriptions A good look at the beginning of the West.

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