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  • Title: Bumperboy & the Loud, Loud Mountain
  • Author: Debbie Huey
  • ISBN: 9780976661016
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback

  • Bumperboy & the Loud, Loud Mountain By Debbie Huey With the success of Bumperboy s first adventure, Debbie Huey returns with a brand new book titled Bumperboy the Loud Loud Mountain Join Bumperboy and his best pal Bumperpup as they unravel the mystery of a rather talkative mountain, meet new friends and discover a new enemy in this brand new all ages adventure that will keep readers riveted
    Debbie Huey
    Debbie Huey is the artist writer creator of the all ages Bumperboy comics series, which includes the Xeric Award winning book, Bumperboy Loses His Marbles, and her latest full length graphic novel, Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain Debbie admits that she hadn t purchased a comic book until the ripe age of 21, but has been addicted to reading and drawing comics ever since then.

    Bumperboy & the Loud, Loud Mountain By Debbie Huey


    This offbeat, creative graphic novel for elementary aged kids reminded me strongly of kids TV shows Bumperboy and his canine companion have the ability to travel through magic tunnels that take them to different worlds They go to a world that s seemingly deserted except for a mountain with a very loud voice There s a mystery and evil plot afoot in that world, and Bumperboy and Bumperdog must save the day This would be a good choice for kids who enjoy TV shows like Adventure Time or Phineas Ferb. [...]

    Adorable Bumperboy and his trusty Bumperdog are terrific duo of adventure seekers I thought Bumperdog s way of communicating Arfen a little picture of what that arf was trying to convey was very clever The drawings were very appealing They used facial expressions and perspective effectively to build character and move the story along This is one graphic novel I m going to start pitching to the kids

    Bumperboy and his bumper dog travel to a new world The land of the loud and lonely mountain They find out the mountain used to have a village at its base but that it was too loud and they moved away How is the mountain the only one alive within the But what happened to the other mountains and what are the mysterious creatures called Grum which live on the mountain A bright, quick, and easy graphic novel.

    I made the mistake of reading this one before I read the first and so I was a little confused about the world that Bumperboy and his dog live in Overall, it is a cute little book that brings in the library and fighting to save the environment.

    Cute story about Bumperboy and his pet Bumperpup find friends for a v.lonely mountain The art is a gentler version of Scott Adams Dilbert I think this would be a fun read aloud or starter book for kids able to read chapter books.

    David Keffer
    Everybody in my house loves Bumperboy, kids and adults In fact, I think everyone I have ever talked to that has ever heard of Bumperboy loves bumperboy What a life Bumperboy must lead to be so well loved.

    I have been reading as many comics as I can to get a feel for what s out there Bumperboy is rated for all ages It s an interesting story with a happy ending A little unusual but I think kids will like it SD

    So so cute

    Just for fun stuff 8 YO boy really liked this, and wanted another He likes funnyapstick kind of stuff, so I m guessing this is some of that He was giggling quite a bit during this read.

    Jamie Forrest
    Once again, I quite enjoyed this Bumperboy I love Bumperpup s speech.

    Well, this is like a little kids comic book but i just felt like reading it not saying a little kids book like 3 words a page it s much

    Thoroughly enjoyable Read this for a freelance job, but liked it so much There is another Bumperboy book and I am totally going to read it.


    This book was interesting and different I think I really liked it, and I checked out the other one today It s funny sci fi about helping others.

    Tara Kyrios
    Omg this is way deeper than expected The poor Grums Wow Slavery in a book that looks like this, did not expect that.

    The main character visits a library to get information and then fights against the exploitation of the Grum species, thus balancing out the ecosystem what s not to love

    Erin Sterling
    Adorable Munklebee A cute graphic novel about Bumperboy and his dog who speaks in Pictonese as they try to save Jumbra, a talking mountain, from the evil Dr Yum Highly recommended

    • BEST AZW "Á Bumperboy & the Loud, Loud Mountain" || DOWNLOAD (PDF) Ö
      447 Debbie Huey
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