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  • Title: Fever Dream
  • Author: Dennis Palumbo
  • ISBN: 9781590589571
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Fever Dream By Dennis Palumbo There s a sweltering heat wave outside Nearly a year after Pittsburgh psychologist and trauma expert Daniel Rinaldi helped unravel a baffling murder, he finds himself drawn into another case.When a daring bank robbery goes horribly wrong, resulting in the deaths of all the hostages except one, Rinaldi is called in to question Treva Williams, the traumatized young woman whThere s a sweltering heat wave outside Nearly a year after Pittsburgh psychologist and trauma expert Daniel Rinaldi helped unravel a baffling murder, he finds himself drawn into another case.When a daring bank robbery goes horribly wrong, resulting in the deaths of all the hostages except one, Rinaldi is called in to question Treva Williams, the traumatized young woman who survived However, what seemed a simple robbery soon explodes into a series of events that plunge the investigating officers, Sgt Harry Polk and Det Eleanor Lowrey as well as Rinaldi himself into a vortex of mistaken identity and kidnapping.Meanwhile, thrown together by the demands of the case, Rinaldi and Eleanor deal with the growing attraction between them Then there s the gubernatorial campaign of Rinaldi s former romantic rival, District Attorney Leland Sinclair Plot twists multiply as a frenzy of accusations and political maneuvering gathers steam.
    Dennis Palumbo
    Formerly a Hollywood screenwriter, Dennis Palumbo is now a licensed psychotherapist in private practice He s the author of a mystery collection, From Crime to Crime, and his short fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine, The Strand and elsewhere.

    Fever Dream By Dennis Palumbo


    I just devoured Dennis Palumbo s second Dan Rinaldi mystery called Fever Dream Wow Another wild ride that I just couldn t put down.Short chapters invite you to read just one , but Palumbo has refined the trick of planting some tantalizing bit of information, as you get ready to place your bookmark, and that keeps you reading way past your bedtime.When an exceptionally violent bank robbery takes place in downtown Pittsburgh just as election time approaches, the police once again reluctantly enlis [...]

    Terri Wino
    The second book about Pittsburgh psychologist Daniel Rinaldi, this time pulled into the case of a bank robbery gone bad that turns out to be than the crime it appears.A solid 3 stars, as it was an interesting mystery with some twists and turns, but did go on a little too long The Pittsburgh setting is what drew me to this series, but the characters and plots are what will keep me continuing with it.

    Treva Williams, the only hostage to be released, sat on the curb beyond the cordoned off area, wrapped in an EMT blanket This sentence is the opening line in Fever Dream and immediately captures the reader s sympathy for Treva Meanwhile, Detective Eleanor Lowrey is on the phone to Daniel Rinaldi, psychologist Rinaldi is also a trauma expert and consults with the Pittsburgh police Detective Lowrey asks Rinaldi to come right away to the scene of a bank robbery that has gone bad The criminals are s [...]

    I really liked his first book I liked this one too, and would give it 3 1 2 stars, if I could.Dr Daniel Rinaldi has got to be the unluckiest trauma specialist in all of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Not long ago, one of his patients was killed Now he s in the middle of a bank holdup, a hostage situation, shootings, and a hanging But he does get to listen to really cool jazz, which makes up for a lot of the other stuff The writing is engaging, descriptive, and really well done There s a plot h [...]

    Carl Brookins
    Author Dennis Palumbo has fashioned a dark, twisted tale of political chicanery of the finest order Dan Rinaldi, a Pittsburgh based psychologist, is on call to the city police department He helps interact with citizens who have experienced severe trauma, but may have vital information that will help the police solve the latest affront to society When the story opens, a bank robbery has gone terribly wrong Death has occurred and one of the robbers has apparently escaped The only eyewitness insigh [...]

    Gloria Feit
    In the beginning, we had Alex Delaware, psychologist and sometime police consultant Now we also have Daniel Rinaldi, psychotherapist and part time police consultant There, of course, the similarities end Whereas the Kellerman protagonist is cerebral, the Palumbo creation is physical, in keeping with his background as a Golden Glover from the mean streets of Pittsburgh.This novel, the second in which Rinaldi is involved in a murder mystery which endangers his life multiple times , begins when h [...]

    Sheila Beaumont
    Daniel Rinaldi is not your average, everyday clinical psychologist He is the superhero of psychologists Well, he doesn t really have superpowers, but he was an amateur boxer in his youth and he continues to practice and keep in shape, plus he is very smart If he didn t have these qualities, he wouldn t still be alive, because as a consultant to the Pittsburgh police department, he finds himself encountering some dangerous and wily villains.The excitement in Fever Dream starts on the first page, [...]

    I don t know which is worse in this bookat the main character is so much clever and insightful than any of the other characters or that all the other characters are borderline morons.Bewaree following contains spoilers.1 When a politician s advisors are all at a total loss for how to spin a diaster, who is the only one who comes up with a solution Yep Superdoc 2 When a colleague doesn t even know that something is wrong at her facility, who not only figures out the problem but solves it, too Su [...]

    If the first book in this series was groundbreaking than this one is just amazing Dr Daniel Rinaldi is a psychologist who works as a consultant to the Pittsburgh Police department When a bank robbery goes bad Dan is called in to deal with the only surviving witness, Treva Having dealt with survivors guilt himself Dan is able to understand exactly what she is going through.When the bank robbers get free and start on a killing spree, Dan gets caught up in all the action and in the end is able to h [...]

    Ellen Dark
    Pittsburgh psychologist Daniel Rinaldi returns in the second book in the series He s called in by the police to work with the only surviving hostage at a bank robbery gone wrong Rinaldi gets very involved in the investigation, and solves the case My suspicions were correct when the solution was revealed The main drawback for me was the language throughout the book Lots of soap would be needed in real life.

    Dialogue was entertaining Palumbo has been a screenwriter as well as a therapist and novelist , plot a little clunky, Rinaldi the prize fighting shrink not a bad character but a bit of a doofus with women My favorite character is Noah, the paranoid schizophrenic bartender and jazz pianist in a trio named Flat Affect.

    David Marshall
    Although our hero absorbs punishment rather like one of these GI Joe action toys, there s a real page turning intensity to the action and some neat plotting on display This is impressive opionator.wordpress 2012 0

    A lot of plot twists made this an interesting read I ll probably read another in this series Will have to wait to see if I like psychologist Daniel Rinaldi as well as Alex Delaware.

    Steve Isenhower
    Good book and a good series.

    Kathy Horbund
    Palumbo is an excellent writer and I really enjoy his books This is no exception It moves well, has a good premise and engages the reader It s hard to go wrong with any Palumbo book Enjoy.

    Excellent new series I am a fan of Jonathan Kellerman and this series reminds me a little of his Alex Delaware series Very well written

    Sue B
    Another good book by Palumbo I liked this one better than Mirror Image Starts out with a bank robbery and Dr Rinaldi trying to help the trauma victims Lots of twists to the story and action

    Clara Dearmore Strom
    Not very good I liked his others, but this one I skipped through quickly and a week later I can t ever remember what it was about.

    Ranie Elias
    Good book.lots of twists and suspense

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