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  • Title: Drakon
  • Author: S.M. Stirling
  • ISBN: 9780671877118
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback

  • Drakon By S.M. Stirling Detective Lt Henry Carmaggio has seen plenty of blood in his 20 years of police work in New York He d never seen anything like the Warehouse Massacre Gwendolyn had been too close to the molehole experiment when it went wrong and hurled her into a parallel Earth Now, as a member of the Draka Master Race her duty is clear come back and conquer all.
    S.M. Stirling
    Stephen Michael Stirling is a French born Canadian American science fiction and fantasy author Stirling is probably best known for his Draka series of alternate history novels and the recent time travel alternate history Nantucket series and Emberverse series.MINI AUTO BIOGRAPHY personal website source I m a writer by trade, born in France but Canadian by origin and American by naturalization, living in New Mexico at present My hobbies are mostly related to the craft I love history, anthropology and archaeology, and am interested in the sciences The martial arts are my main physical hobby.

    Drakon By S.M. Stirling


    Duffy Pratt
    I liked this one the best of the Draka books In the 2400s, in the Draka universe, Gwen Ingolfsson gets too close to a wormhole experiment that goes awry Thus, she gets shifted to an alternate Earth ours, in the late 1990s Well, maybe not ours exactly I d like to think she got shifted to the alternate Earth where I managed to get all the hot girls I lusted after in high school assuming, hopefully, that there is such a possible world.After getting her bearings, Gwen commences her nefarious plot to [...]

    Travis Starnes
    Alternate History is one of the most interesting forms of Sci Fi, the key to which is getting the reader to suspend belief and buy into the different reality The Domination Trilogy was Stirling s first published foray into the AH genre, and I kept getting sidetracked when reading the books on historical divergences that I did not buy Drakon is the work of a mature writer and it shows Only once did I stop and question the author s logic I couldn t figure out why one of the good guys didn t simpl [...]

    The series consists of four novels, though the first three are now published in one omnibus entitled The Domination Marching through Georgia Under the Yoke The Stone Dogs DrakonThe series can really shake you up It is set in an alternate history in which the Crown Colony of the Cape what later became modern day South Africa becomes a powerful nation This Domination of the Draka is utterly elitist and wishes to subjugate all other races to the white master race It is also fiercely expansionist At [...]

    Jonathan Palfrey
    This is about an almost invulnerable superbeing from the future who arrives in our present or less and goes around ruthlessly killing people, pursued by a somewhat vulnerable adversary also from the future Sounds familiar Well, it s not the same story nor the same scenario as The Terminator, but there are certain similarities.Stirling writes with his usual high level of competence, the story flows readably, and there are a few mildly likeable characters On second reading, I ve decided to uprat [...]

    One of several books in Stirling s alternate history series based on an empire based out of South Africa that takes over the world This book is set in a time after the Draka have superior technology than what we currently have and one of them is accidently sent through a worm hole or something into earth prime , a world based on actual history, where the Draka never developed The lone Draka agent proceeds to attempt to conquer the world so she can muster the resources to contact her version of [...]

    The final chapter of the Draka series This one is mostly an science fiction action novel A female Draka makes to an alternative Earth which is a close copy of ours Predictably she sets out to conqueror the entire planet Luckily for us an enemy agent free Humans having escaped to Alpha Centauri at the end of the third novel follows her to our reality and sets about to foil her plot It s fast moving, exciting and fun However it lacks some of the depth of the earlier books Not bad, but not as detai [...]

    Peter Tillman
    A , best of the Draka books I ve now reread it four times I think , and it s still a great book.The ending is perfunctory, with a nice leadin to the planned sequel, _Unto Us a Child_ Which, sadly, was never finished I ll bet you can find the sad story online Pity.My 2004 review review ROA74D33

    Humankind faces its greatest threat domestication I really enjoyed this racey tale of a time and dimension travelling villainess protagonist of the uberspecies homo drakensis and her attempts at world domination This book has it all

    25th century Draka Gwen Ingolfsson passes through a molehole into a 1990 s parallel Earth on a timeline similar to ours While working to make the molehole stable, she plans for a Draka takeover of this new Earth Plenty of action.

    Not as good as the beginning of the series but usually Stirling writes a good story, but he tends to take the storyline too far after it s over.

    Hard to put down Alpha ego and reinforced physique versus technology assisted spirit Eerily similar to Terminator

    David Lavender
    Liking it very much Stirling never flinches or disappoints.

    Kyle Langley
    Seems to have lost the urgency and grand sweeping scope of the previous books.

    Azz Lunatic
    This whole series has a whole lot of problems, but it is still very interesting.

    This is creepy good stuff.

    Doug Jessee
    The only bad thing I can say about this book is that there is not another one after it, and I so want to keep reading

    I don t like where this book takes the series , but the book itself is a pretty good read It seems the series is dead anyway.

    Scott Rose
    a completely different story from the first three but set in the same universe This one is of a spy thriller rather than military Sci fi but it is still quite good.

    Aaron Anderson
    Reads far like comic antihero sci fi than anything from original trilogy I quite enjoyed it, but please realize it s kind of fluff.

    I wish Stirling would write in this universe rather than the tripe he writes in the emberverse.

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