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  • Title: Mysterium
  • Author: Robert Charles Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780553569537
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Mysterium By Robert Charles Wilson Awakening in a strange world of repression, rationing, and fear, the citizens of small Michigan town Two Rivers, victims of a mysterious government plot, band together in a dangerous quest to discover what has gone wrong Reprint LJ PW NYT.
    Robert Charles Wilson
    I ve been writing science fiction professionally since my first novel A Hidden Place was published in 1986 My books include Darwinia, Blind Lake, and the Hugo Award winning Spin My newest novel is The Affinities April 2015.

    Mysterium By Robert Charles Wilson


    I picked this one up thinking it was a new novel by Wilson, but it turned to be one of his older books with a new cover It was also rather disappointing and somewhat offensive We ve got 3 female characters in this book and after the big event not one, but two of them immediately start trading sexual favors for special treatment from the men in charge Really Is that the only way females can respond to a disaster situation The third woman, who according to the back of the book description is our m [...]

    Bart Everson
    This is the fourth book I ve read by Robert Charles Wilson He seems to have a certain patented approach a wildly improbable concept, vividly imagined and somehow made to seem plausible, at least for a while, building irresistibly toward a conclusion, a revelation of some central mystery that promises to explain it all Tension arises because it seems an impossible feat, but the payoff comes at the narrative climax It all comes together in a manner that is deeply satisfying when it works.I ve also [...]

    f lelmetes egy k nyv itt is, ott is kereszt nyek, ott gnosztikusok, de semmivel sem k ny r letesebbek, mint a mi barb r korszakaink b rmelyik ben a sima kereszt nyek, vagy pp a nemkereszt nyekncs t l nagy k l nbs g a vall si s politikai eszm ken alapul diktat r k k z tt, a fenn ll hatalmi rendszer b rmelyiket sz vvel s l lekkel k pes szolg lni, s a hatalom demonstr l snak mindig puszt t s s hal l a v ge, m g a p rhuzamos l ts kon is s pont ez rt f lelmetes bizonyos szempontb l jobban m r nem is [...]

    If you are offended by the mere mention of wormholes or are disturbed by children hanging from light poles, then this is probably not the book for you However, if you love atomic blasts and Gnostic Christianity and cities being teleported into other dimensions and everyone is like What the hell just happened here then you may want to pick it up.

    Tim Martin
    Mysterium_ by Robert Charles Wilson is a skillfully written, engrossing earlier work of the author s, one that hasn t gotten anywhere near the attention of his other works such as _Darwinia_, _Bios_, and _The Chronoliths_ _Mysterium_ is a book one could place in the island in the sea of time sub genre of books on alternate history and parallel universes, one made famous recently by of course _Island in the Sea of Time_ by S M Stirling 1998 , _1632_ by Eric Flint 2000 , and _Weapons of Choice_ by [...]

    Profundus Librum
    A kanadai k s bbi Hugo d jas szerz nek ugyan viszonylag korai m ve a k tet 1994 ben jelent meg a Miszt rium, m gis sokat k sz nhet neki K t Philip K Dick d j jel l s ut n ezzel a m v vel v gre el is nyerte a rangos d jat, ami ez ltal sz les k rben ismertt tette a nev t a science fictiont olvas k el tt M r ebben az r s ban is j l megfigyelhet r i eszk zt r nak egyik legmeghat roz bb von sa ami gy t nik, a kanadai sci fi r i iskola tagjainak Wilson, Gibson, Sawyer saj tja , nevezetesen, hogy legye [...]

    This book surprised me I didn t think I d like it as I m not much of a sci fi fan, but something about it grabbed my interest It is easy to read, fast paced and yes, myterious We are thrown right in the middle of things There are a few issues while reading though At times we jump so much in the story that I had to seriously think about what just happened and tried to catch up It seems as though whole chunks of the story was just cut out One chapter ends on a high with a probable invasion, and th [...]

    Nicholas Barone
    I enjoyed Mysterium which won Wilson the 1994 Philip K Dick Award I really wanted to love it, but it didn t quite deliver It has a great set up a government research installation in Two Rivers, Michigan is investigating an ancient and mysterious relic and triggers an event that sends the installation and the neary town into an alternate world i m a sucker for a good alternate world story The alternate USA the town ends up in is technologically inferior to our own, and is controlled by a rather t [...]

    Ronald Wilcox
    First book I have read by this author.A shard is found by an excavator When subjected to radiation as it is studied, it transports the town of Two Rivers to an alternate reality timeline where Christianity is not a major religion, instead Gnosticism holds sway The town members of Two Rivers are subjected to the strict laws and rules of this different society with resultant severe punishments The novel reads very similar to a Stephen King novel with some disturbing images and occurrences but not [...]

    Big idea story that was just a little too far out there too woo woo for the big idea Several important elements of the story seemed underdeveloped For me, the central mystery remains a mystery A very interesting character story buried in here amongst the religious fascists I liked that part of the book a lot and became invested in a couple of the characters But a pall hangs over the entire book as it is clear that the nazi like theocrats have a final solution planned.

    Mysterium is one of Wilson s earlier works, and focuses on how the issue of a parallel universe He has created a nice little town that is thrown into another world, yet one that is not too far removed from our world As a reader who has read almost all of his other works, I would rate this as one of his stronger works I almost wish he would revisit this universe again

    Noel Roach
    Great hard science fiction Take a fictional scientific idea, weave it seamlessly into real science, add characters that behave in plausible ways, and et voil One Philip K Dick Award winning novel enpedia wiki Hard_sc

    Kurt Bannister
    Good read I felt that the religion aspect was not fully exploredbut on the other hand when it did get discussed it was a little dry so maybe it was left on the cutting block As usually for this author, he left the cause to our imagination.

    Jill Hamilton-Krawczyk
    3.5 stars Interesting story

    Alex Telander
    Originally published in 1994, Robert Charles Wilson s Mysterium went on to win the Philip K Dick Award that year Released this year in a new paperback edition, it is the story of the discovery of a very strange artifact discovered beneath the ground in Turkey no one has a clue what it is, and it kind of looks alien Once the US government gets its hands on it, they secret it away in a lab near Two Rivers, Michigan Everything returns to normal until the scientists decide to fire a large amount of [...]

    Lectrice Hérétique
    Un myst rieux complexe scientifique install pr s de la ville de Two Rivers donne lieu toutes les sp culations, jusqu ce que, du jour au lendemain, une explosion fasse basculer la ville dans l improbable le plus absolu Ses habitants s veillent dans une ville qui est toujours la leur, mais dans un univers qu ils ne reconnaissent pas Isol s du reste d un monde qui leur est la fois familier et tranger, ils sont rapidement mis en quarantaine par l arm e, surveill s et tudi s Ce nouveau monde dans leq [...]

    Diego Sánchez Pérez
    En realidad la premisa de este libro se ve a bastante atractiva pero la lectura en si no me ha gustado nada y mientras m s avanzo en el libro se vuelve bastante aburrido, que en realidad termina siendo un libro olvidable.

    I could not put this book down I even woke up in the middle of the night a week night, even to read it It comes close to matching Wilson s later novel Spin in terms of pure excitement and plotting, although I can t say it necessarily strikes as deep a chord, being a bit of action thriller However, it does address religion in an insightful way, although it s used as a vehicle to explain the bizarre occurrences that form the core of the story But this does not detract from the story in fact, I a [...]

    Mukta Mohapatra
    Two Rivers is suddenly thrust into a parallel universe that is technologically and socially primitive relative to ours The religiously based government rules with a heavy fist and are greatly threatened by what they find in the new town.Dex was a history teacher in Two Rivers After the change, he is struck with the futility of his career when the history he knows no longer exists in this world He is suspicious of this new fascist government Linneth Stone has lived her life in fear of her governm [...]

    A secret government installation experimenting with a mysterious artifact explodes, sending it and the nearby town into an alternate reality.That s a premise that could be used very badly Robert Charles Wilson, however, wraps a great story around it Much of that is due to the depth he adds by knowing enough quantum physics mumbo jumbo to add by way of explanation, while mating it with elements of Gnostic mystery religion Plot wise he also has a way of upping the ante as the story progresses so t [...]

    Heath Alberts
    Mysterium , one of Wilson s older cache of works is similar in many ways to the underpinnings of the Fringe television series storyline specifically with regard to the William Bell plot devices It also gives hints of what Darwinia , another of his older works, will become on some levels.With that being said, here we have an entire town, thrown into chaos and confusion unsure of where they are, when they are, and what went wrong that got them there in the first place We are faced with a dystopian [...]

    Il y a essentiellement deux sortes de science fiction la futuriste et l uchronique Wilson appartient la deuxi me et plus pr cis ment au genre du formidable v nement Ici, l explosion d un artefact arch ologique qui ne peut exister transplante un disque autour d une petite ville am ricaine dans un autre monde Un v nement trop important pour qu on puisse r parer et revenir en arri re Donc il faut s adapter, se cacher, combattreMysterium marche plut t bien Ce nouveau monde issu d un branchement de l [...]

    Alfred Stanley
    I enjoy just about everything I ve read by Robert Charles Wilson The term science fiction is inadequate to describe his work the term speculative fiction suits Wilson far better As with other Wilson works, I wondered where he was going with Mysterium, and how he could possibly deliver a plausible explanation for a small American city transported to an alternate universe where everyone nevertheless speaks English Yet he does so, and in doing so Wilson once again establishes himself as a deep and [...]

    Kim Zinkowski

    Kay Smillie
    Not one of the best from Robert Charles Wilson but a still an interesting read where a small town is transplanted to an alternative Earth where, it seems, you probably can expect the Spanish Inquistion On the plus side for the residents of Two Rivers, you won t see them in that part of this alternative Earth Just another bunch of religious nutters, unfortunately.Ray Smillie

    Mysterium is very similar to Blind Lake Wilson, as usual, does a great job developing his characters, who are very real and accessible Wilson also tells a compelling story that keeps the reader interested until the end I m interested in knowing who the writer based his antagonists on, Nazi Germany

    Very good A town wakes up one day to find that it s town is not in the world they were in when they all went to bed All the roads leaving town end in forest and then they start getting visitors The best part of the book is the characters Good development and interesting ideas about creation and reality.

    Jim Dressner
    An easy read, with good pacing and some good characters Very interesting to have a science fiction novel make extensive use of gnostic thinking rooted in the early Christian era.Not Wilson s best work I d rank it better than A Bridge of Years but not quite as good as Chronoliths or Blind Lake, and definitely not as good as Spin.

    Ian Walker
    I read this after reading the Storyteller and it had parallels with the jewish persecution during the war, although the residents of Two Rivers didn t fair so well I usually like stories by RC Wilson, but this one left me wondering what was going on at the end I suppose it lives up to it s name Mysterium.

    Loved it Need some help with interpreting the ending SPOILER ALERT.Did anyone understand how Dex, Linneth, Clifford, etc were ultimately saved I have an idea, but I would like to hear some other theories even if they are not of this world

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