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  • Title: Comedy in a Minor Key
  • Author: Hans Keilson Damion Searls
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  • Page: 404
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  • Comedy in a Minor Key By Hans Keilson Damion Searls Wim en Marie zien het als een menselijke plicht een onderduiker in huis te nemen Het jonge echtpaar heeft de bovenverdieping van hun nette woning in een provinciestadje opengesteld voor de Joodse Nico Ondanks de gespannen situatie zijn er momenten van huiselijk geluk en saamhorigheid Tot Nico na een kort ziekbed onverwachts overlijdt Wat moeten ze nu met zijn lichaam Wim en Marie zien het als een menselijke plicht een onderduiker in huis te nemen Het jonge echtpaar heeft de bovenverdieping van hun nette woning in een provinciestadje opengesteld voor de Joodse Nico Ondanks de gespannen situatie zijn er momenten van huiselijk geluk en saamhorigheid Tot Nico na een kort ziekbed onverwachts overlijdt Wat moeten ze nu met zijn lichaam Voor Wim en Marie breekt een angstige tijd aan, waarin ze erachter komen wat de aanwezigheid van Nico in hun leven teweeg heeft gebracht.
    Hans Keilson Damion Searls
    Hans Keilson is the author of Comedy in a Minor Key and The Death of the Adversary Born in Germany in 1909, he published his first novel in 1933 During World War II he joined the Dutch resistance Later, as a psychotherapist, he pioneered the treatment of war trauma in children In a 2010 New York Times review, Francine Prose called Keilson a genius and one of the world s very greatest writers He died in 2011 at the age of 101cmillan author hanske

    Comedy in a Minor Key By Hans Keilson Damion Searls


    3.5 intriguing, lacking, please stars Hans Keilson was a psychotherapist who worked with children with traumas His novel Comedy in a Minor Key was published in 1947 and I believe translated into English in 2010 to honor his 100th birthday In 2008 he was honored with the German Welt literature prize This novella is described as a black comedy A young dutch couple take in a middle aged Sephardic Jew and hide him in their home during the Second World War This is not a spoilere Jewish man dies in t [...]

    Go google Hans Keilson No, I m not kidding Go read his entry or one of the articles that come up about him and then come back to this review Yeah That s a pretty crazy life history, right Sort of makes you want to read his book even if it s horrible Good news the book s not horrible In fact, I d even say The New York Times wasn t exaggerating when they called this book a masterpiece During WWII, a young couple hides a Jewish man in their home and all is going well until he dies of natural causes [...]

    Shawn Mooney
    One of the very first Holocaust themed novels, published in 1947, it concerns a young, naive Dutch couple who agree to hide a Jewish man in their home during WWII Then, he dies of pneumonia What to do with a Jewish corpse under the Nazi occupation Quietly powerful.

    Somebody will just have to clue me in to why this book is so special You feel like you are reading the lines of a play rather than a novel There are sentences such as on the table were three dirty cups and a newspaper or he carried the bag in his left hand Phrases are repeated we, the audience, are being told to pay attention that a message can be relayed I found this annoying.Time and time again I thought that doesn t make sense one would not do that or think that The story is not built upon pl [...]

    Kasa Cotugno
    This story of a young Dutch couple who hide a Jewish stranger for a year in their home is a gem Wim and Marie are not committed to a cause or outraged by outside influences, but they are ordinary, decent people acting out of human kindness The narrative is presented elliptically, probing the emotions of the couple and the man they know as Nico who dies of pnemonia before liberation, thus presenting a dilemma of how to dispose of the body The comedy referred to in the title is about the claustro [...]

    A Dutch couple, Wim and Marie, are hiding a Jew upstairs And then he dies.Hans Keilson just died this year at 101 His books, including this one written in 1947, have been newly and brilliantly translated and republished You can read this on a flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Pittsburgh Nico, the Jew upstairs, tells this wonderful couple, It is not just the Jews Maybe it will be Wim and Marie too I m no plot spoiler though.A Comedy in a Minor Key is indeed told in the Dorian mode A lovely sadness [...]

    Ana LĂșcia
    E quando um casal acolhe em casa um judeu em fuga e de repente tudo muda Durante a segunda guerra mundial, muitos judeus foram ajudados pelas popula es, mantiveram se escondidos, n o sofreram os horrores dos campos de exterm nio, mas passaram por um tipo de tormento mais lento e subtil A espera, o medo e a culpa Um tema penoso, escrito com alguma, leveza, ironia e humor.

    John David
    The premise is simple enough A married couple, Wim and Marie, decide to take in a Jew named Nico during World War II In hiding him, the comfortably middle class Wim and Marie learn what it means to live the precarious life of a Jew in 1940s Holland, in what would have otherwise been a set of rather ordinary circumstances Soon afterwards, Nico becomes ill and eventually dies in their house, leaving the couple in the unique position of needing to dispose of a body no one can know they had there in [...]

    I believe in the clich Brevity is the soul of wit Too often over the years, a book has made me feel like the author was being paid by the word I appreciate books whose author doesn t waste words Comedy in a Minor Key is a perfect example to me of how succinctness doesn t have to compromise the story, and in fact, how succinctness can work in the favor of a story s overall construct The book tells the story of a Dutch couple Wim and Marie during WWII who are providing secret housing for a middle [...]

    As another reviewer suggested, I did read some facts about Hans Keilson s life before reading this short novel, and the fact that he actually hid in someone s home to escape the holocaust maybe gave some added weight to it But I think I would have enjoyed it anyway It s weird to read about the trivial embarrassments and secretive uncertainties much than the serious dangers involved in saving someone s life in this way and dealing with having them around all the time And on the part of the hidde [...]

    This is one of those stories for which you need to account when it was written and what had been written about a period in history then This must have been an eye opener when published about the perils of hiding someone, specifically a Jew, during WWII and about how difficult it is to keep secrets Sooner or later, secrets acquire a life of their own and are compelled to come out Based on the perspective, I give the book 4 stars It is a short and compelling read However, considering how much WWI [...]

    Roger Brunyate
    Ordinary GoodnessHans Keilson knew at first hand what he was writing about Though trained as a pharmacologist in Berlin, his Jewish birth made it impossible for him to practice, and in 1936 he fled to Holland, going into hiding when the War broke out This novella, published shortly after the War, tells of a young Dutch couple, Wim and Marie, who take in a Jewish man and hide him in an upstairs bedroom They are good people, but also quite ordinary that is their beauty One gets the impression that [...]

    Tanuj Solanki
    Keilson s masterpiece is the only of its kind that I ve experienced in Holocaust literature Reading it, one feels as if a dimension as yet unimaginable has been added to the horrific story that we have now come to expect There are no gas chambers in this one, no concentration camps either Almost all the action takes place inside a comfortable house The horror remains something that is only anticipated, and not necessarily imagined very well by the characters The title fits beautifully.

    When you read the history books it s easy to forget that war is all about the most ordinary of people There are far foot soldiers than there are generals and there are far civilians than there are soldiers And there won t be an ordinary person out there who s been through a war who hasn t got a tale to tell Few of these will be tales of heroism but there will be tales of small moments of bravery, of doing the right thing This is what we have here Marie and Wim are just an ordinary Dutch couple [...]

    Hmmm My Hmmm is because of my contemplation of this being called a black or dark comedy Now, I did not read it because I expected a humorous look at Jews hiding from the Nazis, because I certainly can t imagine any humor coming from that situation okay, maybe if Colonel Klink were involved I came across the book when looking for books about Germans and in this case the Dutch living under the Nazis This book is about a young Dutch couple hiding a Jew in their house I read it straight and it broug [...]

    This is a beautifully told short novel that provides a view of life during World War II that is seldom seen We all know there were those who bravely sheltered Jews and those who helped them escape This book tells the story of Wim and Marie, an ordinary young Dutch couple, who take on the task of sheltering an older Jewish man When he dies of natural causes, they face having to dispose of his body By focusing on one tiny, less than extraordinary situation, Comedy in a Minor Key gently, succinctly [...]

    I picked this up at the library knowing nothing about the author, Dr Keilson I just finished the novella and read this NY Times article about him nytimes 2010 09 04 booI m even impressed I enjoyed the novella because Keilson handles the omniscient third person with grace no easy task, at least for me , and he writes in the spare style that admire so much James Salter s stories, for example More importantly, though, I found this book riveting because of the author s understanding of human nature [...]

    A good interesting story well thought out It is a simple story with a couple Wim and Mary who provide shelter to a stranger, a jew who seeks protection frm the Nazis Wim and Mary must do this in absolute secracy A year passes and all of a sudden, Nico, the jew, dies in their household due to pneumonia Here comes the significance of the title It is ironical that Nico could have died if left in the world so he had sought the couple s protection instead he dies of a disease in secracy at home His d [...]

    The rise and fall of literary reputations, like some kind of stock market for introverts, is a strange thing This author s work, published in the Netherlands over half a century ago, seems to be experiencing a buy signal largely due to the author, a German Jew who fled the Nazis and was hidden by the Dutch, surviving to see his 100th birthday recently Happily, the author in this case deserves some attention This is slender literally and figuratively story of bland yet decent people trying somewh [...]

    It s interesting, but I regret having read this and his other well known novel in English I get the feeling the translations don t manage to be very idiomatic, they sound a little awkward to my admittedly non native ears Strangely, although the original is in German, I often get the feeling I m reading Dutch that s been translated a little too stodgily or literally Maybe because this one is set in Holland, and the author became a Dutchman after he d gone into hiding for the nazi s there.So I won [...]

    A fine, tightly wrought, intensely absorbing psychological thriller about a Dutch couple who harbor a Jew during the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands The author, a German who participated in the Dutch resistance and wrote the story right after the war, has many talents he has a detailed eye and a gift for fine description Parts of it almost read like poetry He uses tension and so well throughout the narrative that you are at the edge of your seat throughout I would read of this author s work. [...]

    This gave me chills Not frightening chills but OHMYGAWDITWASSOGOOD CHILSS

    Sabina Manolache
    It was an interesting book I loved the different perspective of a situation that you read quite often about.

    John Benschoter
    She had seen fear the terrible helpless fear that rises up out of sadness and despair and is no longer attached to anything the helpless fear that is tied only to nothingness Not fear or anxiety or despair about a person or a situation, nothing, nothing, only the exposure, the vulnerability, being cast loose from all certainties, from all dignity and all love The man offered it up to her so shamelessly that it felt to Marie like she was seeing him physically naked No cry out loud, no contortion [...]

    Martha Toll
    Here s my feature discussing this book.washingtonindependentrevieWashington Independent Review of BooksFresh New Takes on People of the Book Martha Toll March 27, 2013The escape from oppression into a vast diaspora is a theme that has preoccupied Jewish writers from Exodus to modern times here are a few titles that treat this subject with refreshing originality.Spring heralds the holiday of Passover, in which Jews celebrate their escape from bondage during ancient times We receive the Passover s [...]

    A beautifully written novella from 1947 about kindness and decency in a world that often has little use for either A Dutch couple, Wim and Marie, agree to shelter a Jewish man they know as Nico during Nazi occupation in World War II Unexpectedly, Nico develops an illness and dies and the couple face the difficulty of removing the body from their house without attracting the attention of the authorities as harborers of a Jew The book moves back and forth in time and explores the thoughts of all o [...]

    Synopsis blurb.A penetrating study of ordinary people resisting the Nazi occupation and, true to its title, a dark comedy of wartime manners Comedy in a Minor Key tells the story of Wim and Marie, a Dutch couple who first hide a Jew they know as Nico, then must dispose of his body when he dies of pneumonia This novella, first published in 1947 and now translated into English for the first time, shows Hans Keilson at his best deeply ironic, penetrating, sympathetic, and brilliantly modern, an hei [...]

    A delightful book, but obviously quite short Towards the end, there is a page or two where he gets really meta and explains why the situation is like a comedy and gives commentary on the book I thought that was unnecessary.

    Fraser McClennan
    Black comedy, sans the comedy.

    Sarah Potemkin
    A quick read, but powerful and haunting.

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