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  • Title: Peach Fuzz Volume 1
  • Author: Jared Hodges
  • ISBN: 9781595325990
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback

  • Peach Fuzz Volume 1 By Jared Hodges Nine year old Amanda talks her mother into letting her have a pet, and she chooses a ferret that she names Peach, but Peach sees Amanda s loving hands as monsters and tries to bite them in self defence.
    Jared Hodges
    Jared Hodges Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Peach Fuzz Volume 1 book, this is one of the most wanted Jared Hodges author readers around the world.

    Peach Fuzz Volume 1 By Jared Hodges


    It was a very cute book I read it in like one day.

    Amanda reaaallly wants a pet, and her mother makes the dubious decision to let her choose any animal that she wants from Super Pets Amanda chooses a sweet, sleepy ferret She seems so innocent at first, but when she fully wakes up she becomes a holy terror One of the interesting aspects of this book is that part of it is told from Amanda s perspective, and part of it is told from Peach s the ferret s perspective Even though Peach s viewpoint is fictionalized obviously , I liked that this approach [...]

    A manga that s all about ferrets How did it take me this long to find it I love how the book is divided between the young girls point of view as well as her ferret, Peach It s fun to consider what our animals are thinking about and this series is the first I ve seen to explore ferrets specifically I can t wait to read

    This a terrific book, it is a comic like book I really love it because it is about a adorable,crazy ferret, named Peach In the story, a girl named Amanda, begs and begs her mother to buy her her VERY own pet.So finally Amanda gets her mother to say yes When Amanda gets to the pet store with her mother, she takes for ever, to find a pet she wants First her mother says that she should get a goldfish But of course she didn t want one Then Amanda looked around a little longer and then she found the [...]

    Cute and meaningful, focusing on the responsibilities of pet ownership passing this on to my son in hopes that he WON T want a ferret and WILL clean out the kitten s litter box This is probably going to backfire on me

    Cindy Mooney
    This would be great if the entire story was told from the ferret s POV instead of switching back and forth between the girl and her pet I couldn t stand the little girl, she reminded me of Darla in Finding Nemo and her mom just leaves her alone with this pet to abuse The girl constantly lies to her mom about the being bitten, doesn t tell her mom how she was rough with the ferret when they took it to the vet I was reading this to see if I thought it would be appropriate for my daughter, who just [...]

    Very cute read with my niece.

    Peach Fuzz is a book by Jared Hodges it is about a little girl named Amanda.All she wants is a friend to be by her side.So she wants a pet really badly.She beggs her mother for months.Till One day they finely go to a pet store Amanda is so excited.She looked around the hole store she wanted a pet that no one.Than she saw the ferrets she told her mother that she wanted one of those.On the cage it had a warning that said NOT TO YOUR HAND IN THE CAGE BECAUSE THEY WILL BITE But Amanda being Amanda d [...]

    I read this as part of an effort to make a list of non violent tween graphic novels for work now, most tween graphic novels are not exactly blood n guts anyway, but I was specifically asked for graphic novels without a lot of fighting, etc in them This one fits the bill, I think, although the ferret does bite an awful lotI actually liked this a lot than I thought I would It looked like it was going to be overly cute, and it IS adorable, but it s also really funny Nine year old Amanda desperatel [...]

    Peach Fuzz is an american styled manga about a young girl, named Amanda, who really wants a pet After constantly begging her mom, she finally gets what she wants She decides to get a ferret, because its not ordinary like all the other pets, and name her peach There are rules for Peach, however, Amanda has to take care of her, and Peach can never bite anyone The only problem with this is that Peach is a prissy ferret with a princess complex, and bites out of self defense when she sees the five he [...]

    Amanda begs her mom for a petr Finally, mom gives in, they go to the pet store and Amanda MUST have a ferret cooler than a dog or cat, waaay cooler than a fish Amanda selects a sleeping ferret she s so sweet and names her Peach she s soft as peach fuzz Little does she know that Peach is a ferret princess who will defend herself fom the evil Handra monster Amanda s hand by biting it every time she sees it Will Peach and Amanda ever become friends

    Jared Hodges is a great author In Peach Fuzz 1 it talks about a girl who really wants a pet But she doesn t want an ordinary pet like a dog, cat, or fish She wants a ferret To pick out her ferret she picks them up one by one to see which of them will bite I really loved this book If you like animals you will to Hailey Yarrington

    Hayley Heinz
    So I was strolling through my local library s anime section and came across this adorable, funny, and all around good series I especially loved this book because it helps you to really see the pets point of view that is something I really enjoyed about this I recommend girls of all ages this book.

    It was okay but its for like 3 4 gradersand that age of peopleit was good manga but it just for younger kidsthe storyline appeals to younger kids but not too young about ages 9 11 i would say

    Bert Edens
    This is what I end up reading when I leave the next book on my list at work and have to scrounge through my younger son s collection for something to read This was just a fun read, nice and clean Will definitely check out the others in the series Gotta see what happens to Peach

    Reeeeaally cute I don t care if this is an American based manga, it s very entertaining I wasn t bored or anything and it WASN T stupid I don t care what the judgmental haters say, it s SO worth reading.

    I loved this series of books I have ferrets and love them and loved seeing life through a ferrets eyes in this book It made me laugh as I thought of my ferrets seeing life in that way A fun and creative book about a little girl and her pet ferret.

    Bianca Singh
    I love how this is book is in two different view were the owner of the ferret tries to have fun with it Yet the ferret thinks it is a princess queen that been kidnapped by a 5 headed monster a hand Amazingly funny

    check out my review at Toshokan Comix

    Holly Letson
    Peach is one of the most bratty characters I have read about in a long time At times, I found her really annoying Without her uppity attitude, the story would have been extremely cute.

    Giackobe (BOLT}
    loved it

    Very cute story D

    Breanna Earnhart
    Super cutie XD

    This book is a good book to read when you don t want to think about reading and you just want to enjoy the illustrations

    Gretchen Oates
    I am not a big graphic novel fan That being said, Peach Fuzz is a cute little story that shows things from the ferret and girl s points of view.

    A story about a girl and her new pet ferret told from the point of view of the girl and of the ferret Fun.

    the sound of Autumn
    A cute and enjoyable book I find myself reading it over and over, because it reminds me of when I read it when I was a bit younger

    I thought it was better then all the others.

    I love reading Peach s epic narratives Less keen on the torture her nine year old human puts her through Would like to read on and see them having fun together.

    Nathan Bartos
    Cute little ferret

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