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  • Title: The Ambassador's Son
  • Author: Homer Hickam
  • ISBN: 9780312354367
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Ambassador's Son By Homer Hickam It is 1943, and the struggle against Japan rages across the steaming, jungle choked Solomon Islands As the fate of the South Pacific hangs precariously in the balance, Lieutenant David Armistead a Marine Corps hero and cousin of President Franklin Roosevelt is rud to have deserted, perhaps to the enemy For Coast Guard Commander Josh Thurlow, the news is particularlIt is 1943, and the struggle against Japan rages across the steaming, jungle choked Solomon Islands As the fate of the South Pacific hangs precariously in the balance, Lieutenant David Armistead a Marine Corps hero and cousin of President Franklin Roosevelt is rud to have deserted, perhaps to the enemy For Coast Guard Commander Josh Thurlow, the news is particularly bad He befriended Armistead while fighting by his side Now he has orders straight from the top to bring him back or kill him in the attempt.Pressed into the mission is an officer who couldn t be less like Josh a shiftless PT boat skipper named John F Kennedy To find their elusive quarry, they and Josh s crew of misfits must face dangers as exotic as the lush battleground that surrounds them, including implacable Japanese, an Australian coastwatcher turned warlord, and a beautiful seductress who will either steal Josh s heart or have his head
    Homer Hickam
    Homer Hickam also known as Homer H Hickam, Jr is the author of many best sellers including his latest, Carrying Albert Home An eclectic writer, he wrote the Coalwood Series, which includes the 1 New York Times best selling memoir Rocket Boys, the popular World War II era Josh Thurlow series, the juvenile sci fi Crater series, the adult thriller The Dinosaur Hunter, the romantic Red Helmet, and many others His first book, Torpedo Junction, a military history of the U boat battles along the American coasts during WWII, has recently been optioned for a major motion picture Among his many writing awards, he has received the University of Alabama s Clarence Cason Award and the Appalachian Heritage Writer s Award for his memoirs and fiction plus an honorary Doctorate of Literature from Marshall University For information on Mr Hickam and his books and cats and everything else, please go to homerhickam.

    The Ambassador's Son By Homer Hickam


    Homer Hickam can spin a great yarn This is a man s book, but I have always enjoyed the man s books about WW II It is about life in the Solomon Islands after the Battle at Guadalcanal from an American s point of view Coast Guard stationed in the Solomons , and the job he was given to carry out Relates a picture of life in a war zone in a way one would never imagine.everything from British colonists to cannibals fictionalized accounts of real people.WOW A great tale indeed

    Ann Amadori
    Shades of South Pacific And lo and behold, James Michener is one if the minor characters I like how Homer Hickam inserts real life historical people in his novels Richard Nixon and John F Kennedy also play minor and major respectively roles Interesting story line here I missed Dosie from Kilakeet though I wonder what is next in The Far Reaches.

    Dave Hoff
    I always wondered why JKF wasn t court martialed for losing his PT boat, like Coast Guard skipper would have been I might have wondered where Richard Nixon spent his WW2 days No The CG Commander Josh Thurlow finds JFK while on a secret mission for the Sec of the Navy and orders him to steal another PT boat from the Navy for his Outer Banks Coastie crew to use in the Solomon Islands JFK does which is modified by SeaBees into a Coast Guard gunboat and the fun begins And Lt Nixon, biggest con man [...]

    Ann Adams
    I liked Keepers Son better Bute 2 future US Presidents as real characters in this book made it very interesting, along with the South Pacific inspiration.

    Jim Brohard
    Yet another great book by my favorite author I enjoyed every page.

    Todd Stockslager
    Hickam is a great story teller, and he seems to get better as he goes This is the second in the Son series, pulling together famous Sons Jack Kennedy and David Roosevelt Armistead along with Nick Nixon and Jim Michener in the continuation of his ongoing saga of his Outer Banks corp of misfits.The story rockets along, as characters fly and boat around the Solomon Islands battling Jap , bugs, weather, cannibals, and each other While Hickam provides two brief historical notes at the beginning of th [...]

    Maybe it was the mood I was in after a lot of non fiction, and still being in the mood for non fiction, but this book was a big treat as a fictional story set in a non fictional context I haven t enjoyed a book like this one for a long time Now I want to get the first in the series the Josh Thurlow series It takes place in the South Pacific during WWII and includes JFK as a character during an interval when we really don t know what was going on the JFK right after his rescue after losing his PT [...]

    The second of the Josh Thurlow books I enjoyed this one, even though I didn t really go much for some of the parts where he includes historical characters as younger people JFK, Nixon, Michener, etc The roles could have been as easily played by someone he made up and making JFK a persecuted hero and Nixon wheeler dealer type just does not work for me.I think that George McDonald Fraser did this successfully in the Flashman books, but don t care much for the way that Hickam is doing it here.

    After the Keeper s Son, this couldn t even compare Use of James Michener, John Kennedy and Richard Nixon was interesting I think Homer Hickam s idea of an attractive male main character is probably from a male perspective I didn t find Josh Thurlow particularly interesting in the first book and down right flat and unattractive in this one As a matter of fact, I can t think of a character I particularly liked in this book Certainly none were memorable Just glad it s over.

    An awful book simply silly It purports to be set in world war II south pacific but it bears no relation to any thing real A comic cast of characters that have nothing going for them but The famous names of Nixon and Kennedy The most realistic member of the cast was a magic bird that made the broken motor run and allowed the hero to gaze into its eyes and and there to see both his pregnant black lover and his home town true loverhhhh A total waste of time.

    My local library had wrapped up some books for Valentine s Day and encouraged people to pick a Blind Date Book I thought it was a fun idea so I grabbed this one and gave it a go I didn t make it past page 8 when I read that USMC captain in WW II said, Commander, please accept my apologies This place does strange things to a man s head I completely regret my overly aggressive posture I m sorry I didn t greet you until now I was required first to accomplish my official duty Ugh

    Fascinating story BECAUSE it takes events and people with which whom we are all familiar and weaves around them a very credible explanation for things which have no recorded, historical explanation If this seems circuitous, I apologize I just don t want to give away any of the wonderful twists you ll experience if you read this book Oh, and Homer Hickam author of October Sky is an expert writer I love reading him.

    Kelly Crigger
    This is the only book my wife asked me to put down Once I started I couldn t stop Hickam has an amazing ability to pull the audience into a time period and journey through a situation you can t and don t want to pull away from The story, the characters, and the dialogue is enthralling The hooks he spills throughout the story like the true identity of the Ambassador s son gives it that WOW factor that makes it an incredibly good read.

    Preposterous characters, situations and resolutions I agree with the or BN review who said the only thing missing was Elvis I don t remember The Keeper s Son being this ridiculous but it s been several years since I read it I may have learned some about WW2 in the Solomon s but don t trust the author At least the map was accurate.

    Great historical fiction story I loved the author s dry humor After I finished reading it, I had to Google megapode to see if the actual bird looked like what I imaged, and it did.This was the second Homer Hickam book that I ve read I have a third Hickam book on my bookshelf waiting to be read I plan to dive right in.

    This book was the sequel to The Ambassador s Son The strange thing about the book was it had Jfk and Nixon in it playing in a high stakes card game JFK featured heavily in the story and it is evident the author did not think much of him Also, it was set during WWII in the Pacific Having just read Flags of our Fathers it was hard to take this work of fiction very seriously.

    I really could not get into this book Personally, I found it ridiculous and unbelievable I don t think an author should take famous people JFK and Nixon and create a fictionalized story about them in a time period as important as WWII JMO

    Out of the Josh Thurlow series this was my least favorite and probably the slowest JFK and Nixon make appearances in some what if scenarios It is irritating that the hero can t control himself enough to not cheat on his fiancee as soon as pretty girl smiles at him.

    Jeff Dickison
    Good historical fiction by Hickam Takes place during WWII in the Solomon Islands Historical figures JFK and Tricky Dicky are interwoven into a fictional story that is quite interesting and carries a feel for the times Recommended for fans of WWII fiction.

    I haven t been able to dive right in like all of Homer s other books but when I do read I am enjoying this one It s a WWII South Pacific war novel so far, but I like Josh Thurlow s character enough to keep on reading

    audio book on a car trip We got this one first and really enjoyed the story and reading The reader was great Lots of detailed pacific WWII adventure, comedy, historical Found and listened to them later.

    Jessica Brayton
    It s that historical fiction thing again There are 3 books in this serieswaiting for the 4th

    This is a cool twist on the history of a few of our country s leaders I found it fun and interesting.

    Great fun read Historical what if fiction.

    Michelle Ule
    This was really interesting a variation of Tales of the South Pacific featuring famous people who were out there like James Michener and JFK I enjoyed it very much.

    Loved this fiction but with very cool historical circumstances Loved the characters and the story.

    Gregory Saunders
    This is the best book I have read all year Though in all fairness, I listened to it on CD Mr Hickam wrote a great book and Steve Hoye s presentation of it was exceptional I highly recommend it.

    Fun for a while, preposterous, then just dumb

    Love Hickman s writing WWII in the South Pacific with a touch of JFK

    Lynn Garver
    Interesting account of the South Pacific during WWII Characters in the book include JFK, James Michener and RIchard Nixon.

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