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  • Title: Un grido fino al cielo
  • Author: Anne Rice Marisa Castino Bado
  • ISBN: 9788882740092
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback

  • Un grido fino al cielo By Anne Rice Marisa Castino Bado Un grandioso affresco dell Italia del Settecento, che mette a fuoco un mondo sconosciuto ai pi , quello dei cantori castrati Tonio, erede di una nobile famiglia veneziana, a quindici anni viene drogato, rapito e castrato da quel momento vivr solo per coltivare la sua passione per la musica e per la vendetta Guido il suo insegnante anch egli educato alla lirica, hUn grandioso affresco dell Italia del Settecento, che mette a fuoco un mondo sconosciuto ai pi , quello dei cantori castrati Tonio, erede di una nobile famiglia veneziana, a quindici anni viene drogato, rapito e castrato da quel momento vivr solo per coltivare la sua passione per la musica e per la vendetta Guido il suo insegnante anch egli educato alla lirica, ha per perso la voce e Tonio rappresenta la sua unica vera speranza di riscatto Insieme, soffrono e lottano per vivere e amare non come emarginati, ma come veri uomini.
    Anne Rice Marisa Castino Bado
    Anne Rice born Howard Allen Frances O Brien is a best selling American author of gothic, supernatural, historical, erotica, and later religious themed books Best known for The Vampire Chronicles, her prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition She was married to poet Stan Rice for 41 years until his death in 2002 Her books have sold nearly 100 million copies, making her one of the most widely read authors in modern history.She uses the pseudonym Anne Rampling for adult themed fiction i.e erotica and A.N Roquelaure for fiction featuring sexually explicit sado masochism.

    Un grido fino al cielo By Anne Rice Marisa Castino Bado


    This book was the first time I really understood what a brave writer Anne Rice is I had read many of her books and appreciated her style, but this book took me to a dark place that I dreaded going and figured she couldn t possibly gobut she went there, just as she promised When I met her, this is the book I had her sign even though she was touring in support of a different book.

    My husband is a big fan of Anne Rice s early works, but he won t read this one, for obvious reasons just read the first sentence of the book and you ll understand I thought the whole book was wonderful I love stories of transformations, and the main character changes so much from the beginning to the end that he becomes a completely different person Heck, it s almost as if he becomes a different species Anne Rice spends a lot of time describing the gorgeous exotic world of the Venetian castrati [...]

    I don t even have words to begin to describe the sorrow and poignancy of Cry to Heaven The novel s protagonist is Tonio, who is unwillingly castrated in a series of events riddled with deceit and betrayal Enraged and tormented, at first Tonio refuses his fate, but as the novel progresses he is slowly transformed into an ultimately triumphant figure Lush, sensual prose and an ending that will hold you by the throat, this is a book that will stay with you long, long after it is read.

    Laurel LaFlamme
    Cry to Heaven was the second Anne Rice novel I ever read The subject matter is intense sometimes graphic from PAGE ONE yet too fascinating to put down What I did NOT now until way after the fact, is Anne s work in this well written book is historically correct and highly researched Among other things, Cry to Heaven is a story of life long revenge It s steeped in rich historicity of 18th Century Opera, the Church, the history of the Castrati and some other sexuality explicit, yet apparently accur [...]

    Danny Tyran
    In my opinion, Cry to Heaven is definitely one of Anne Rice s finest books Beautifully written in the lush, gorgeous prose for which Rice is famous, Cry to Heaven is rich in detail and presents a fascinating look at the lives of Italy s 18th century castrati The protagonist, Tonio is extremely well drawn and memorable His struggles to come to terms with both his life as a whole and his sexuality in particular are nothing less than soul wrenching I found the erotic scenes, criticized by some revi [...]

    BAM The Bibliomaniac
    2018 Reading Challenge LGBTQ protagonist RTC but this was such a beautifully written book

    Oh my God Castrati Unless the idea of men who have had their balls cut off having sex will sustain you for however many hundred pages this book was, you will find it deadly boring And the writing was painful, too It made me wish for a good castration to take my mind off the pain of her stilted dialog.

    Amber Lehman
    Read sometimes for the story Don t be like the book snobs who won t do that Read sometimes for the words the language Don t be like the play it safers that won t do that But when you find a book that has both a good story and good words, treasure that book Stephen King I came across the above quote on another author s page When I read it, it struck me immediately that it summed up my experience with latest book I d read It has been a long time since I ve read a book that affected me as much as [...]

    Lauren Smith
    One of the most boring books I ve ever read It s a dreadful soap opera about sex and revenge, involving a bunch of dull, melodramatic assholes Most of it is completely predictable, and while you re waiting for the obvious to happen, you have to trudge through chapter after chapter of angsty whining in infuriatingly purple prose Anne Rice offers no twists, no surprises There is plenty of sex, which might have been fun if Rice didn t describe it all in ridiculous euphemisms or equate rough sex wit [...]

    I found Cry to Heaven to be as rich, baroque and sensual as the previous works, I ve read, by Anne Rice The Mayfair witch series A young boy was brutally castrated because of a struggle for power in a Venetian household of the 18th century After a life time of study and vocal training, he eventually becomes a star of the opera in Rome The public is entranced by his remarkable voice and stunning good looks He can play both male and female roles with authenticity, and is larger than life on stage. [...]

    Nirmala mcafee
    Cry to Heaven is a gem I couldn t believe that this subject would interest me in the way that it did Although I read Rice s early works, I soon grew tired of the Vampire series I wasn t going to give her another chance until my niece swore to me that I d enjoy this book She said it was one of her favorite books I read it to be connected to her What a great decision I flew through the book It is amazing What a story I passed it on to my husband and he, too, was riveted It is than just a story i [...]

    Fenriz Angelo
    DNF on page 170 Hmmm i just have a hard time reading this, the premise sounds interesting but it s not catching up my attention enough to read it instead of read the other book or play videogames, and it being a paperback is making it 300% harder so nope Atm i need a book toreallycapture me.

    Aracne Mileto
    Anne Rice es por mucho una de mis escritoras favoritas, y con este libro me dej claro que eso no va a cambiar.Un grito al cielo nos lleva al mundo de los Castrati, hombres que eran sometidos a la castraci n a corta edad para conservar sus voces intactas La historia nos narra la vida de Tonio Treschi, un patricio veneciano poseedor de una voz magn fica y de Guido, un maestro de m sica Castrato perturbado por su pasado y por lo que el azar le arrebat El destino juega con ambos quit ndoles lo que m [...]

    The blurb on the back of the book IN EIGHTEENTH CENTURY ITALY THE CASTRATI RECREATED HEAVEN ON EARTH.Their exquisite voices soured above the glittering world of courtiers and nobility Those who achieved fame were showered with riches and sexual favours But their success also had a terrible sadnessNIO, of noble birth, is the victim of a vengeful brother Disinherited and forced to join the ranks of the castrati, he plans his revenge while striving to become the greatest of all singersIDO, sacrific [...]

    Alice Lee
    I absolutely adored this one When Anne Rice is good, she is really good of course when she s bad, she s pretty deplorable.Cry to Heaven is first and foremost, an intensely romantic novel And Anne Rice is really best at crafting deeply romantic, decadent, excessively beautiful, homosexuality laden erotica, which is exactly what this is, along with pedophilic elements Her prose is deliberate, ponderous and Gothic as if taking after Mary Shelley s style , the plot is very dramatic and, well, juicy. [...]

    Julianne Davidow
    I have read some of the other reviews, and while I agree that this book is long, perhaps too long and drawn out for some, I deeply appreciate Rice s detail and elaborate descriptions of people, places, and emotions It is through the richness of her prose that the full experience of each character is explored I have spent a lot of time in Italy, have lived in Venice, so perhaps that has something to do with my fascination for this story But it s than that The suffering, fortitude, and transforma [...]

    Beautifully written book This was a long book and I did get little restless towards the end view spoiler My main interest was finally getting to read Tonio s revenge against his father but it took forever to get to that part, and by then I had grown tired of all the opera talk The romance between Tonio and Cristina also did not work for me I didn t have the investement in them like I did with Tonio and Guido This probably would have been a 5 stars if the dull character of Cristina had not existe [...]

    Kiwi Begs2Differ✎
    A sensual tale of revenge I wanted to read a book set in Venice and I remembered I enjoyed this novel many years ago This book recreates Italy Venice ambience is done beautifully, but also Naples and Rome in the 18th century really well, the historical aspects are spot on, the costumes, the music and visual arts, the places, the atmosphere all vividly described There s a lot sex than I remembered, a lot of drama fit for the Opera, hehe but it should have been edited to a shorter version IMO I g [...]

    I enjoyed this book though at many points it read too much like a romance novel for my taste If you can t stand his throbbing member lines then the plot will be lost on you, particularly if you re turned off by her sometimes SM overtones Also the plot was a bit predictable and at over 500 pages this novel could have been a much worthwhile read had it been considerably shorter That said, Rice s 18th Century Italy is a vivid world and it is an engaging work I d recommend her Feast of All Saints o [...]

    I have read this excellent intense novel than once over the years Our hero, Tonio Treschi is forcibly castrated as a teenager robbing him of his birthright and preserving his beautiful voice as one of the castrati In all my life I have never wooed and suffered as I have over you But there is love and love, and I am spent trying to separate the one from the other Guido to Tonio

    Pirmasis stiprus sp dis skaitant i knyg buvo nuostaba viskas gan tinai atvira ir netik ta, ypa kai tekstas i vydo pasaul 1982 m Istorija prasideda nuo vaiko, Gvido, kuris pagaliau pajunta kit gyvenimo pus , ne tik skurd , ta iau susiduria su dar vienu pasauliu Vaikas i kastruojamas ir patenka mokykl , kurioje bus mokomas muzikos, o svarbiausia dainavimo, juk tik d l balso jis ir buvo parduotas Lygiagre iai iai istorijai stebime ir venecijie io Tonijaus gyvenim , kurio t vas turi didel tak Veneci [...]

    Ho hum I read this book because I like historical fiction and opera, so I thought it would be right up my alley I was wrong In reading this book, I was reminded of why I did not make it far in trying to read any of The Vampire Chronicles Characters are one dimensional and unsympathetic, prose is corny, and the book is way too long The main character, Tonio, goes through a horrific ordeal that truly changes the trajectory of his life, so I should be sympathetic, but I wasn t I am no prude, but it [...]

    Top 5 This is a truly captivating historical novel about 18th century Opera, life of the Castrati, and an unwilling participant Cry to Heaven will lure you into the past You will hear the music, see the streets, and feel the turmoil and plight of the characters If you ve ever felt out of place or like there was something different about you If you enjoy history, but want a dramatic plot to go with it If you want to be shocked and appalled while simultaneously feeling the muscles around your hear [...]

    I consider myself one of Anne Rice s biggest fans Despite her great body of work Cry to Heaven hands down is my favourite of all her books The castrati of 18th century Naples is a world few know Why would anyone give up so much for music Not willingly as most of these males were castrated prior to puberty Sent away by parents who dreamed of glory and fame and wealth and a path out of poverty.Between 1720 1730 this was a fad, a craze and according to over 4,000 boys were castrated annually for th [...]

    I have mixed feelings about Anne Rice books and Cry to Heaven was no different It sounded up my alley and it s I ve seen it recommended often I really wanted to love it and at the beginning it kept me interested Around halfway through it began to feel like it meandered and I wasn t sure where the story was going Towards the last third of the book I began skimming The main character s conflicting decisions and relationships just felt too all other the place and I lost interest in the story I mana [...]

    One of my favorite books, not only from Anne Rice s collection of works, but of all time A sprawling, romantic, erotic, vengeful tale of a young castrati opera singer who was castrated against his will as a child and sent to live the large life of an opera star, Cry to Heaven is a gorgeous, haunting story One I will re read throughout my life.

    A book for music lovers Truly IMHO the best book Ann Rice has ever written She gives the reader intimate details of the life of a castrati A life most of us could never grasp of living She makes you feel the joys and pains of this life Deeply moving and thoughtful read.

    Bailey Allison
    This book should have been cut in half I greatly enjoyed Tonio s conflict and revenge story against Carlo, and the relationship that built between Tonio and Guido BUT GOOD GOD THE FILLER IN THIS BOOK I understand Tonio needed to practice singing, that he traveled and performed and was well liked I DO NO NEED 3 5 OF THE BOOK TO EXPLAIN IT And I m not even sure if he and Guido broke up because the last 1 3 of the book is Tonio obsessing over Christina, some painter girl and Guido no longer has p.o [...]

    READ THIS THREE SEPARATE TIMES WHEN I WAS 16 which means it is probably irredeemable garbage five stars.

    Vintage Anne Rice from 1982, which forgoes the supernatural and undead and relies on the atmosphere of 18th century Italian opera for its chills and thrills Although it doesn t reach the heights of her best work, it is certainly better realized than anything she has churned out in the last 15 years or so For the most part, it is interesting historical fiction, with just a little too much leaning towards the soap opera, rather than actual opera You can also see the blueprint being laid for Rice s [...]

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