Trainspotting (1996)

Dir. Danny Boyle / UK / Drama / Colour / 94m

Why is this on our list of natural films? ‘Trainspotting’ is largely a gritty urban drama of junkie street life in Edinburgh; a bravura adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s scabrous novel of the same name. But it does also contain a singular scene of cynical rage at the mythical romantic vision of Scotland that has been so beloved by filmmakers throughout cinema’s history.

Ewen McGregor and his band of druggie pals stop off at Corrour supposedly to enjoy the great outdoors. “Doesn’t it make you proud to be Scottish?” says Kevin McKidd – prompting McGregor to scream about the horrendous state Scotland finds itself in. “No amount of fresh air will make the slightest difference,” he says.

The ghost of ‘Pride of the Clan’ and ‘Brigadoon’ and a hundred other film representations is laid to rest.


The natural connection

Edinburgh; Glasgow; Corrour, Highland

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