Shell (2013)

Dir. Scott Graham/ UK / Colour / 91m

This debut feature by young Scottish filmmaker Scott Graham is a raw drama, beautifully played out against the stark backdrop of the North West Highlands.

Shell is a teenage girl (played by Chloe Pirrie) who, with her reserved and softly spoken father Pete (Joseph Mawle), runs an isolated petrol station. Shell’s mother left many years previously. Apart from the occasional customers who call by for fuel, and a few regulars who acknowledge and catch up with her, Shell’s only company is her father Pete (Joseph Mawle), to whom she is devoted to the point of dangerous co-dependency.

Scott Graham said: “The Highlands began as inspiration for the film but they became a character in it. Bleak yet beautiful. Vast yet claustrophobic. Peaceful yet dramatic. A place that can both entice and comfort loneliness and longing. It would take many more films to understand that landscape and our relationship to it.”


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