The Master of Ballantrae (1953)

Dir. William Keighley / USA / Action, Adventure, Historical / Colour / 90m

Eilean Donan features prominently in this Hollywood adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s tale about the exploits of a Highland rebel in flight from the British, and his adventures in the West Indies with a band of pirates.

Errol Flynn buckled his last swash here, playing out the final film of his Warner Brothers contract. Flynn plays Jamie Durrisdeer, a Scottish heir, who fights for freedom against the invading British. When the rebels are defeated, Jamie must flee to the West Indies with Col. Francis Burke (Roger Livesey), an Irish soldier of fortune, in order to escape capture. After battling pirates, Jamie puts together a small fortune and returns to Scotland to marry his true love, Lady Alison (Beatrice Campbell). But Jamie's hopes are dashed when he finds that Lady Alison, thinking that Jamie was dead, is now engaged to his brother Henry (Anthony Steel), who may have betrayed Jamie to the English.

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