The Last Great Wilderness (2002)

Dir. David Mackenzie / UK / Mystery, Comedy, Drama / Colour / 95m

Scottish short film director David Mackenzie made his feature-film debut in 2002 with this tale of two oddballs stuck in a sleepy Scottish town out in the middle of nowhere.

The romantically jilted Charlie (Alastair Mackenzie) is headed to a remote location in the Highlands to burn down the house of the celebrity that stole his girlfriend away from him. On the way, he is forced to give a ride to a pseudo-Spaniard named Vincente (Jonny Phillips) who is on the run after sleeping with a violent thug's wife. En route, the car breaks down and the men are forced to stay at the Moor Lodge -- home to a group of similarly odd people.

Charlie and Vince soon find themselves drawn into a small community of lost and damaged souls.

last great wilderness

The natural connection

Abington, Oban, Greenock, Comer Estate, Stronmacnair, Duke's Pass, Dunkeld, Tarbet

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