Bonnie Prince Charlie (1948)

Dir. Anthony Kimmins, Alexander Korda/ UK / Historical, Biography, Drama / Colour / 98m

In 1745, Flora MacDonald plays a Jacobite song on the piano and is scolded by her stepfather for its seditious nature. In Italy, James, the Old Pretender, wants to make another attempt at regaining the English throne but is worried that he is too old. It is decided to send his son, Charles.

Charles arrives in Scotland and meets Donald, a Scottish shepherd, who he asks to send a message to the Scottish nobles, asking them to meet him at his ship. King George II is warned about the impending invasion but is not worried. Charles tries to persuade the nobles to fight for him and most agree, except for Lord MacDonald, who is concerned about the lack of French support. The clans rally to Charles, including Lord George Murray, and proclaim their loyalty to James. The rebellion begins. Charles is accompanied by another shepherd, Blind Jimmie.

Charles and his men enter Edinburgh in triumph. Clementina Walkinshaw throws him a rose and they meet at a dance and begin a romance. General Cope arrives with government troops and Lord Murray does not want to tell Charles about it, thinking little of his military ability, but the prince finds out. Charles recommends they attack and the Highlanders defeat the British at the Battle of Prestonpans in seven minutes.

Charles and his forces then invade England. King George II starts to panic and sends his son, the Duke of Cumberland, to fight him. At Derby, only 127 miles from London, Lord Murray and the army council recommend a retreat, as further support has failed to materialise. Charles opposes this but the retreat goes ahead anyway. Charles is upset and seeks solace with Clementina, who encourages him to leave for France with her, but he elects to stay with his men.

The Duke of Cumberland defeats the Highlanders at the Battle of Culloden (which is not seen in the film) but is unable to find and capture Charles. Charles flees to the islands with Donald, and is hidden by Flora MacDonald. MacDonald helps him evade the government troops looking for him, during the course of which at one stage he has to dress as a woman. MacDonald keeps Charles' spirits high, and he manages to get on a boat to take him back to Italy.

bonnie prince charlie

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