A Lonely Place To Die (2011)

Dir. Julian Gilbey / UK / Action, Thriller / Colour / 99m

The image of the Scottish Highlands being a place of calm and beauty is shattered in this thriller about a group of mountaineers who find a young Serbian girl buried alive in a small chamber. They help her to escape but are then chased by her violent captors through the wilderness.

The rugged mountains, rivers and caves of Dingwall, Glen Coe, Glenetive and Starthconon provide a grand setting for this frantic race. British director Julian Gilbey and his brother, screenwriter Will Gilbey, team up to produce a tense and realistic action film.

As the title suggests: the remote places of Scotland can be a dangerous as well as beautiful place.

a lonely place to die

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Dingwall, Glen Coe, Glenetive, Starthconon, Ross-shire

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